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Do you want to learn something very particular - or something very down-to-the-earth?
Do you know things that you want to share with others?
Are you and your friends interested in subjects that aren’t taught anywhere else?

Then the WORM Parallel University (WPU) might just be what you have been looking for.

What is the WORM Parallel University?

The WPU offers classes, workshops and lectures on subjects you find interesting and that can’t be found at ordinary schools. The WPU teaches everything from zine making to guerilla gardening, from no budget filmmaking to experimental economies, from improvised sonology to Ikea hacking. The more eccentric the subject, the more interesting to us. And thanks to our STL formula (remember STL? Share, Teach and Learn!), you are guaranteed to graduate because even the complete failure of projects can produce a wealth of new information and learning.

Your own contribution is crucial. Did you always want to invite that particular Canadian guy to talk about his fascination for canaries? We will help you to do it. Do you want to install your own Internet or Intranet with your neighbors to save money? We’ll put you on the right track. The WPU will never be afraid of novel terrains.

For everyone
The WPU is open for everyone: young and old, quick and slow, genius and not-so-bright, regular WORM visitors and newcomers. No prior school education is required or expected! If you participate in WPU workshops and WORM events, you will obtain parallel credits, the so-called PCTS. After gathering sufficient credits - no matter how long this will take -, every WPU student will obtain the Master of Parallels degree in a festive graduation ceremony that will take place at WORM once every year.

Enrollment is free, and there are no extra costs for the degree. For every workshop and every event that you follow, you’ll pay the regular entrance fee as announced on WORM’s website.

Get in touch
Mail wpu@worm.org or call 010-4767832 to get the best out of yourself and others.